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Ask for this young man's intercession...

Homily from Isaac Scharbach requim Mass, preached by his father, Fr. Albert Scharbach:

Also from Fr. Scharbach:

His journal entry that I opened to at random this week (from when he was 15 years old):
"O God, I don’t know when I will leave this world: any day, any hour. What a great goodbye that will be -- all my relationships, all my work, all my longings, all my worldly joys. How soon this day will come. May I not store up any faith in a world I will leave so soon. May my only goal, my only faith, my only hope be in you, my Lord. May no hour pass without my offering thanksgiving. O Father, I am yours."

For my own part, I will be asking for Isaac's intercession, along with the prayers of my daughters Abigail and Chiara.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Scharbach family. If you haven't had a chance yet, and would like to offer a spiritual bouquet, download a printable card here and shoot me an email at wncord at or text 828-748-6251 to arrange getting it to me.

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