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Children's Music Class

An important part of our Anglican patrimony is beautiful English Choral music and majestic hymns. While unable to sing this fall as a congregation due to COVID restrictions, we were blessed this fall to have the Queen of Angels Schola at our Ordinariate Masses (highlights below). These four sisters are a great example of what is possible when children are musically formed at a young age! The great English tradition of choristers proves this.

That is why even at this early stage in our community's life we are putting a high priority on forming children musically. To this end, we have begun a Children's Music Class. The class is taught by Mr. Andrew Hiler, the founder of the Asheville Community Children's Chorus. Mr. Hiler has a Master's in Conducting and over two decades of experience in teaching and inspiring children of all ages to sing beautiful music.

The class is open to all children 13 and under, including parents holding newborns. The class begins with a focus on engaging the youngest children with folk music and movements. The second half of the class is focused on the older children, teaching them singing technique, solfa and how to read music. The final part of the class is a rehearsal for the chants, hymns and other Sacred Music pieces sung at Holy Mass and Evensong Services. Adults, including those with no children at home are welcome to join, especially for the rehearsal.

Our upcoming class schedule is as follows:

March 7, 1:00pm, St. Barnabas (Arden, NC), JPXIII Room

March 14: No Class

March 21, 1:00pm, St. Barnabas (Arden, NC), JPXIII Room

March 28, 3:30pm, Immaculate Conception (Hendersonville, NC), Library

April 4 - Easter - No Class

April 11, 1pm, Immaculate Conception (Hendersonville, NC), Library

April 18, 1pm, St. Barnabas (Arden, NC), JPXIII Room

April 24, Time & Location TBA

May 2, 1pm, St. Barnabas (Arden, NC), JPXIII Room

May 9, 1pm, Immaculate Conception (Hendersonville, NC), Library

May 16, 1pm, St. Barnabas (Arden, NC), JPXIII Room

May 23, Pentecost Sunday, Time & Location TBA

The full class and rehearsal time is 1 hour and 45 minutes, with a 10 minute break in between. After the first session focused on younger children parents with lap children are encouraged to stay in the side section and participate in the singing, so that their younger children might learn Sacred Music at a young age. When at Immaculate Conception, the last half hour is rehearsal with the organ in the church.

The class is sponsored by the Ordinariate Members of Western NC and is open to all.

As we do not want finances to prevent anyone from attending, a set fee is not being charged for this class this spring. Participants are asked to give as they are able to our community to help cover the cost of this class, which is roughly $10 per child per class (assuming an average of 15-20 participants).

For more information, contact Joshua Johnson at 864-887-5771.

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