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  • Joshua Johnson

February Newsletter

In this newsletter:

1. Renovation Update

2. Friday: Candlemas

3. Ash Wed / Bishop's Visit March 24

4. Financial Report

5. February Saints

6. Used Piano / St. Jude's Relics

Church Basement Renovation Update:
  1. The carpet has been pulled in the Hospitality Room and hallway

  2. The wood panelling in the Hospitality Room have been primed and painted (trim and touch up to come).

  3. The Hospality Room & hallway floor has been sanded and is ready for stain!

  4. The bathrooms rennovation are also under way!

Due to these rennovations, the lower level of the Church will not be available for use this weekend with the exception of the bathrooms. We hope to have everything ready for our Candlemas celebration this Friday.

Please join us this Friday 

(Bring Candles to be Blessed)!

Save the Date(s):

Blessing of Throats:

Feb 3: 5 pm Mass

Ash Wednesday: 

Feb 14, 2024 6pm Mass

Episcopal Visit of Bishop Steven J. Lopes to St. Edmund’s

Palm Sunday

March 24, 2024

Schedule TBA

This will be the first pastoral visit of our beloved bishop and a great opportunity to meet him and celebrate the growth and progress of our mission!

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