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  • Joshua Johnson

Lenten Talks: Holy Mass Explained

Every Sunday in Lent after the 11am Mass fellowship time there will be a talk at 1:15 pm. 

  • Chance to see the Vestments, Sacred Vessels and the meaning behind each

  • What Vatican II really asked for in the reforms of the Liturgy

  • A Walk through the Mass (broken up into 3 sessions) with an explanation of the rituals and quiet prayers of the priest.

  • History of English Liturgy and the Ordinariate’s founding and purpose

  • The 1st, 3rd & 5th talks will be suitable for adults & children ages 7+. The 2nd and 4th will be at high school level by guest speakers, while Fr. Johnson teaches the children in a separate room. Talks will be 20-30 mins with Q&A following

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